March 9, 2015 NOTICE OF MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – 6:30 p.m. The regular monthly town board meeting will be held at the Red Cedar Town Hall, E6591 627th Ave., Menomonie. The full agenda will be posted and includes opening, reviewing, acting on, and entering into necessary contracts for 730th Street Project LRIP/TRIP warm mix asphaltic bids and shouldering bids; ordinance committee recommendations to the town board re: approving updated Table of Fees/Fee Schedule, Policy for Issuance of Citations, and enactment of updated Ord. 2015-4 Schedule of Fees and Forfeitures (Citation); planning commission recommendations to town board re: approving major subdivision fee of $350.00 plus $5.00 per lot, rezone application, and CSM application; sale of Chevy/GMC truck; set road inspection date; sealcoat request for info. on upcoming road projects; follow up on trash-related complaints at E5480 708th Ave.; follow up on property damage complaint at E5690 684th Ave.; policy on gathering commercial building info.; alternate planning commission member policy; updated planning commission ord.; enactment of Resolution 2015-5 Opposing Proposed County Assessment; and review draft of Town Financial Statement.