Beginning January 1, 2021, the Town of Red Cedar will provide curbside pickup services to all households (garbage pickup once per week, and single-stream recyclables pickup once per month – 95 gallon containers for each). Yearly fees can be paid in one or two installments (see page 1 of the below invoice).

To set up your garbage and recycling account or for other garbage and recycling questions, please contact the Town Treasurer at (715) 556-5063 or by email at If you wish to order more containers or set up special pick up orders, contact GFL Environmental (formerly known as Menomonie Disposal) at (715) 235-9511.

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HUNTERS – the Menomonie DNR office has a dumpster to safely dispose of deer carcasses. The dumpster is located at the Menomonie DNR office (921 Brickyard Rd). Here are the details:

  • Disposal is free
  • Carcasses only, must be gutted
  • No car-killed deer
  • Please replace the tarp after placing the carcass in the dumpster (the tarp helps keep rain & snow out).

The dumpster will be available at this location until early January 2022

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