April 13, 2015 NOTICE OF MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – 6:30 p.m. The regular monthly town board meeting will be held at the Red Cedar Town Hall, E6591 627th Ave., Menomonie. The full agenda will be posted and includes special exception request by Cornerstone Pavers to open a temporary concrete plant on the American Materials site for a summer road project, including entering into an operating agreement and making a recommendation to the County Board of Adjustment; approve policy for Issuance of Citations; enact updated 2015-6 Schedule of Fees and Forfeitures (Citation) Ordinance; approve 2015-5 Resolution Establishing Public Participation Procedures for Comprehensive Plan Update; sale of GMC truck; fire call at #5684 704th Ave. on 03/09/2015; enact 2015-7 Ordinance Relating to Confidentiality of Income and Expenses Provided to Assessor for Assessment Purposes; enact 2015-8 Ordinance to Establish Procedures and Criteria for Allowing Alternate Forms of Sworn Testimony at BOR Hearings; summer mowing of town lot; and accept and sign Town Financial Statement.