This ordinance pertains to all land divisions in the Town of Red Cedar, whether for a Major Land Division (Subdivision/Plat) including Statutory Subdivisions, Minor Land Division – Certified Survey Map (CSM); Replat or revision of existing land division/development; and/or Change in correction instrument of area dedicated to or restricted for public benefit.

Please review the ordinance and submit the following: A. The full application form with pages 1 and 2 completed (pages 3-6 are for internal use only, but the applicant may wish to review these pages to make sure all land division requirements are met); B. the full application checklist form with pages 1-3 completed and other sections as required (please carefully review the entire checklist as the Planning Commission will strictly adhere to the guidelines contained there); C. all required information and documents; and D. required fees. A sketch map is required for plats. A sketch map is optional for minor subdivisions (the CSM can serve as the sketch map).

Further information may be obtained from the Town Clerk (715) 556-5034.

2019-0004 Resol Amend Subdivision Ord

2017-0002 Ord Town Land Subdivision Plat AMENDED 03-11-2019

Land Division Application 05-18-2020

Land Division Application Checklist 05-18-2020