Permit File:

A number of building permits and fees may be required for construction in the Town of Red Cedar.

Building Permit and Land Use Application

2022-0002 Ord Building Permit

(1) Our town building inspector is Fred Weber at Weber Inspections. Permit and inspection fees are collected by the building inspector and are required for new residential – heating – air conditioning – ventilating – plumbing – electrical – setbacks – additions – attached porches, garages, etc. – inside and outside alterations, room expansions, etc. where walls are moved or added and/or windows are changed or moved, etc. Additional information and fees may be accessed at Please review information contained at website, then contact Weber Inspections at: (715) 556-0066 (cell); (715) 235-2446 (h); (715) 231-2447 (fax); (e-mail). Additional fees collected by the building inspector on behalf of the Township include a $50.00 land use administrative fee for new one- or two-family dwellings and a $25.00 land use administrative fee for any permits issued by the building inspector for any other contraction or addition, improvement, or repair.

(2)  If you will be adding other construction such as a detached garage, pole building, agricultural building, silo, barn, tower, outbuilding, deck/porch/sunroom, greenhouse, garden shed, lean-to, in-ground swimming pool, and/or any addition to an existing structure, to a property located in the Town of Red Cedar, a $25.00 land use administrative fee is required by the township. Please contact the Clerk at (715) 556-5034 with the property address, approximate dimensions and price, and billing information.

(3) A building permit and/or additional fees for these types of buildings may also be required from the Dunn County Zoning Department. Phone: (715) 231-6521.

Failure to obtain a building permit will result in penalties as outlined in the Town’s most recent Building Permit Ordinance and Citation (Forfeiture) Ordinance No. 2013-4, as amended.